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Warehousing and distribution by PJ Shipping Ltd

Handling & Storage


Through a network of sub-contractors we can offer offloading and storage facilities at each of the ports we operate through. Your port contact will be able to advise. All sub-contractors are members of their trade organisations and work to ISO 9002 standard.  We also have some storage available at our own warehouse, please contact us for details.




Delivery for both FCL and LCL cargo can be arranged from each of the ports, as with our handling policy, any sub-contractor works within our ISO9002 standard.


REDS - "Registered Excise Dealers & Shippers" EMCS


P.J.Shipping Limited are registered and can handle the Customs declaration of your EU imports of wines and spirits through the EMCS system as Registered Consignees.


EMCS Movements - UK Ports To Bonded Warehouses


We are able to complete EMCS movements for alcohol arriving in to UK ports, being delivered in to Bonded Warehouse under our Registered Consignor status.  We also have our own movement guarantee if required.




Allied to our Customs clearance facilities we can provide electronic Intrastat service for the declaration of your inter-community movements.

To utilise our warehousing and distribution service, call today:

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