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Shipping Storage Facilities

Do you regularly distribute goods from one destination to another? Do you need a secure storage facility in which to store your goods or cargo for a certain period of time?


If your company imports and exports goods on a regular basis as part of its business operations, then a shipping and storage service can prove invaluable. We know how important it is to know where your goods are, know they are safe, and know they will reach their destination when expected.

PJ Shipping provides an efficient Customs clearance service to the importing community, but we can take care of a wide range of other duties as well, including shipping, providing storage facilities as and when you need them. We can manage all your requirements, and we can assist with storage.


Always have peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands. Whether you look to us for a Customs clearance agent or you need post-landing services such as unpacking, storage or onward delivery, we can provide the support you need.