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Registered Excise Dealers And Shippers

Excise duty applies to a range of imported goods, including alcohol, alcoholic beverages and manufactured tobacco. A registered excise dealer and shipper can receive excise goods from other EU member states. Do you need a registered excise dealer and shipper?


PJ Shipping is authorised to import wine, spirits and beer from Europe into the UK. We can work on your behalf to receive shipments and manage all your expectations for importation. Whatever your requirements, we’re equipped to handle all your import needs. Whether you require an onward delivery service from a company who can be relied on to make sure that your goods reach their final destination safely or you simply need a customs clearance agent, our team at PJ Shipping can be on hand to help wherever help is needed. We cover all the UK ports from our location and don’t subcontract to other agents. We can take care of all your import requirements.


So why not get in touch with PJ Shipping today? We guarantee a reliable, cost effective and efficient service tailored to meet your specific import needs.