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Customs Declaration

Are you not sure what a customs declaration is? A customs declaration is an official document which lists and provides details of the goods being imported or exported. Any imported goods must have a customs declaration form attached. The customs declaration form is also required for duty and taxes calculation.


Do you need help with your customs declaration form and the import of goods to the UK? As registered excise dealers and shippers and with authorised EMCS, we can provide help with excise duty and calculations and clearances. You can even download customs forms from our website.


So why not let PJ Shipping take care of all your shipping needs? We can also act on your behalf to receive shipments through EMCS.


There are always rules and regulations to adhere to when importing or exporting goods from and to the UK, but making sure everything runs smoothly can be tricky if you are not familiar with UK customs. Sometimes you need a dedicated customs agent to guide and advise you through the process from start to finish. That’s us.